Find user profiles

How do you find lists of users and look at their profile pages…i am not finding a button to do this anywhere…?

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If you click on “community” tab on the website. On the right side, near the top, is a “search users” are that you can use. Otherwise you can click on someone’s name in a challenge, or on the rankings for any language. Or on someone’s name on a message board post.

Searching for users, however, doesn’t seem to work…unless it has been fixed in the last day or two. I search for users that I know are on LingQ and the search never returns anything.

I kind of remember having a similar experience in the past. I tried it for the top person on the German rankings in the past 7 days and it worked searching their profile…so maybe, if it wasn’t working before, it is now??

yes that is also my problem…i have become interested in the commuity aspect of all this much more for some reason - i think it could maybe be really helpful to see what other people are studying/how far they have got/how many words they have and read their own profiles. I sometimes like to admire what other people have achieved, and use that as a way to set myself challenges and keep the motivation going


It now seems to be working. I have found Rankings on the right. In first place for Danish is TJ007📷 a and on the right of the column is the number 1283. What does that number mean? I am at position 9.

Above the names/rankings are 3 “tabs”. Streak, Known words and Lingq’s. Default is showing known words and for default time period of 7 days (can adjust this too). So that is showing that that user marked 1283 words known this past 7 days (assuming you didn’t click anything).

I do this too. I just click on people’s names in the forum that I find interesting, or if someone has a question about something and I want to ballpark where their at in their language journey.

If you see the username, yes, you can click on it and access their profile. But, say you knew your friend was on LingQ and he told you his username, you would not be able to locate him through using the search.

At least for me, the only thing that happens when I search on a known username is that it returns a blank field. Which may not be important…but for me it is because I want my students to be able to search for and follow other students who are not in their class (I have various classes). So yeah…maybe not a catastrophe, but…

I just went back and retried this. The first username I put in worked well, and I was happy. The second user name did not show up; there were a few empty boxes where the username should have appeared and then they disappeared. The third name I searched returned nothing, not even the empty boxes.

That is my problem too. Not sure what’s wrong.