Find Easy to Read (non-adapted) books for ESL learners

Hi All,

Everyone who is studying English needs to read a lot. The problem is that adapted books are very boring.
You’d want to read real books in English, but those that are not too difficult to understand.
Traditional systems of searching books do not give the opportunity to find this content.
They can only separate books for children or adapted books.

But what if I wanted to read books for adults?

We have developed a system that is based on artificial intelligence and understands the author’s style.
It gives book recommendations based on the author’s style and complexity as well.

You can input any fragment of an English text (easy article, a couple of book chapters) and press the Search.
The information about the books, closest to the style and genre of the input text, appears in the search results.

It also shows the level of text complexity for every book.
You can browse through books and choose only those that are quite simple for you.

A completely new way to find the book of your choice.

It’s Easy

Try Booksai

Is this only available for English, or will it work for other languages?

It is only available for English.

How do you search for a book based on a fragment of text input?

You input any fragment of an English text into the main screen and press the Search button.
The more text there is, the better the result will be. Optimally 2-3 chapters.

The information about the book, closest to the style of the input text, appears in the right window.
This book has the highest relevancy out of what is available.
Other similar books appear in the lower part of the screen, and they are sorted by relevancy and genres.

If you input a few chapters from a detective story, Booksai will show you not only detective stories, but also books in other genres that are written in a similar style. This differentiates Booksai from any other recommendation system and allows to find amazing things.

Complexity shows overall difficulty of the text for reading. The more stars there are, the more complex is the text.

What is Book Roulette?

Book Roulette button is responsible for giving you a random book (in the right window) and all other books similar to it in the lower window (organized by genres).
This is convenient when you just want to play with Booksai without having any practical goals. Sometimes this makes you find unusual books.

daladno, This is very interesting. It will probably be quite useful for ESL students. Are you considering making it available in Russian?


We can make a version for any language in one day.
The issue is only in having enough quality content for analysis.

daladno, That makes sense. Well, there are plenty of Russian sites that could provide the content, starting from Maksim Moshkow onward. There’s no lack of marvelous content in Russian, as of course you know. Collecting it and formatting it to your requirements would surely be tedious, however,or would involve significant scripting work. I’m not suggesting you do so. I have more than enough Russian to read now. But should you ever feel the urge . . . :slight_smile:

There is one site I know of that does something similar in Russian,, but of course I have no idea how your methods and theirs compare.

As I said, it’s a very nice application. To my surprise, represented are some relatively obscure writers in English, such as Gene Wolfe, whom I like. I haven’t hit any Jack Vance yet.

Make this work for Japanese and I’ll let you marry my daughter.

You gave me inspiration!!!:slight_smile: And this will we do, if the universe permit.

Make it work for French and my daughter will let you marry me :wink: