Finally reaching 10.000 words and beginning to watch series

I have finally reached 10.000 words in Spanish something I thought would have never of happened.

I feel like now where I have an okayish base with Spanish I think now it would be very useful for me to start reading a grammar book for 15 minuets a day.

also now I have a base of Spanish I am gonna start watching series to improve my listening I am fully aware that there are going to be a lot of words that I do not know but as I keep reading and learning new words I like to think overtime the fog of understand and seeing words that I do not know will vanish.

oh and a side note any good recommendations for a Spanish book would be great?

muchas gracias a todos por su ayuda.

Wow your known words just keeps growing at an alarming rate! How much time do you spend on here per day? How many times do you read+/listen to each lesson? Have you focused much on listening? Congrats btw :wink:

Congratulations! It’s a huge milestone
What kind of books do you like? Arturo Pérez Reverte has written a few historical novels and thrillers that I think are “light” enough for foreign learners and also interesting enough to keep you reading. Note that the “Alatriste” series is written in an old-fashioned language, imitating 16th-century idioms, spelling, etc. So, you may want to begin with some other of his novels:
Some suggestions:
“La tabla de Flandes”
“La carta esférica”
“El maestro de esgrima”
“El club Dumas”
“La sombra del águila”

On second thought, I just checked the language in the “Alatriste” series and it is not that hard to read. It does use modern, “standard” spelling. Only the addressing forms and some words are a bit old-fashioned, so you may go for those if you like them.
By the way, another one of his novels is “La reina del sur” about a famous female “narcotraficante”. You may want to consider reading that one, because the vocabulary might be more similar to the series you’re watching

That “la reina del sur” sounds really interesting I think that there is a series on Netflix about that. I’m gonna try and look for the PDF now thanks for the recommendation!

So when I first started I was studying for 2 hours every day but that was a struggle because after doing 2 hours of study my brain would be almost about to burst and I’ve been learning Spanish I think for about 7 months now and the first 3-4 months I had no idea what I was doing, there are so many different ways of learning a language and it’s taken me months to really find an effective way for myself to learn new vocabulary. As far as listening goes my listening is horrible I am always being told that my speaking is very good and my vocabulary I think is okay but my listening sucks as to this day I’ve hardly spent any time on listening but like I said I will be starting to watch series and YouTube videos in Spanish with subtitles as I now have an okay base of Spanish. And I now study for 1.5 hours a day and when I do this I am just reading nothing else just exposing myself to as many words as possible. I will be now watching an episode of a series for a minimum of an hour a day or a little bit less 45-42 minutes or so. Any more questions I would be happy to help.

That sounds like a good plan, thanks for the read. I’m gonna now shoot for around 1.5 hours a day of sitting-down time. I totally get you about the brain bursting lol especially when you have 100+ lings in a lesson. But over the months I guess it will pay off.

If you’re planning to do the TV show watching, then I would make it Reina del Sur and read the book at the same time. Just don’t neglect that grammar book reading. If you’ve got the time, an hour of reading, 15-30 mins of the grammar stuff, and an episode of the show would be good.

For books, as I’ve mentioned many times here, try Laura Gallego:

The first chapter of each book is available as a free download, so you can try one out and see if you like it. The most basic are the ones in the last two rows, which are aimed at children. The ones above are aimed at adolescents. I have read 21 of her books so it’s safe to say that I like them :slight_smile:

Wow. Tell us how you kept determined to achieve that number of words? Did you practice Spanish sacredly every day?

I do try and do my reading for 1.5 hours everyday but at the weekends it gets difficult because I would like to be doing another things.

hey thanks for the recommendation, currently looking at a book called “Alas negras”

I enjoyed it but it’s the sequel to Alas de Fuego, so I’d start there.