Filtering Vocabulary Review

Is there a way to filter my Vocabulary by frequency? In other words, by how many times the word appears in the lessons I have used?

It seems that this would be a much more useful way of filtering than by alphabet or date. For example, right now I have tens of thousands of wards in my vocabulary list and I have read/listened to hundreds of lessons.

But some of those words are high frequency ones that I have encountered a lot. Others are words that I have perhaps encountered once in all my LingQ lessons. If the whole idea of immersion is to allow the language to essentially show me what I need to learn, doesn’t it make sense to focus any vocabulary review on the words that I have encountered a lot versus wasting time with obscure words that I may rarely encounter?

You can sort words in your Vocabulary by Importance. That will show words with highest frequency in a language at the top.


Yes, that is exactly what I am looking for! I just looked again I still don’t see it though. I see options to sort by Course, Lesson, Alphabetical or the Date that it was added. I see options to also filter by status. Under the “more actions” tab I see options for changing the status and exporting, etc. But I don’t see anything about sorting by importance. Can you please guide me to that?

The one you are describing as “Alphabetical” is actually “Sort By”. The other headings you describe are filters. In that dropdown is alphabetical, reverse alphabetical , creation date, status, importance options. Also don’t forget to click “Apply”

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Outstanding! There it is, thank you so much.

Thanks @ericb100 for jumping in to assist! :slight_smile: