Filtering out completed lessons


Is there any way to filter out completed lessons when you are browsing through lesson lists or guided lesson sets?




It would be nice to have a sort of archive option so we can hide them.


Agreed. There was an archive option years ago, but it was removed. Would love to see it reintroduced.


Thanks for your suggestion, we’ll see what we can do.


You can filter tham if you order lessons by New words %. You would expecr passed lessons as first ones, right? Me too. But in fact the lessons with 0 New words % will filter them out. I think it is a bug, but I am happy for that bug. So please don’t fix it before you create right way to filter them out.

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Hi, any update on this? I have a lot of lessons and it would really be helpful in decluttering them if they’re magically archived when the lessons are completed. The less decluttered they are the more motivated some people can be given the lack of excess clutter.

Also, the lessons are automatically sorted by last opened, which shows the completed lessons. It is quite annoying to sort them manually every time to New words or Last Imported for example.




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I agree. It’s kind of a pain to have to page through lots of stuff I’m done with.

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Repeating lessons is an important part of learning a new language. Have a look at Steve Kaufmann’s video on this subject

I’m as guilty as anyone at wanting to move on to new lessons.

Being able to sort or filter lessons by the date on which you would like to redo them would be very helpful for me at least.

If you agree please vote for my suggestion here Set date for lesson review | Voters | LingQ


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