Filtering by tags in Vocabulary section

I have a variety of tags in my Vocabulary section. For example “freq.list”, “日”, “月”. Can I filter lingqs which have both “freq.list” and “日” tags? And, “日” or “月”?

At present you can only look at one Tag list at a time. I often tag a word or phrase with two tags. I will tag a word as “feminine” and “dative”. I check my dative words, with mixed genders, and my feminine list with mixed cases. I is really helping me notice cases in Russian.

We have no plans to add this additional feature for now.

Oh, I would like to have this feature too.

I did not mean to suggest that this is not a good idea, it is. It is just that for the near term we are working on other features. We will return to the core functionality and add features, within a few months.

As I am now trying to wrestle the impossible Russian grammar to the ground, the ability to have more than one Tag filter would be very useful. But I am making do. If I look at my dative case filter entries, I can still see if they are feminine, masculine or neutral for example.