Filter for new words and LingQs


I am really having fun with LingQ but I find it harder and harder to find content that is appropriate for my language level (in Polish in this case) since not everything is graded as beginner, intermediate etc. In General, I find the library a little confusing and I still haven’t figured out how to make all the available content clearly visible.

So, I think it would be great if it was possible to filter the LingQ library for content with a specific % of unknown words.

I would also find it useful to filter content for a specific number of LingQs, for review purposes. However, a filter for unknown words I find more important.

I really hope that this could be implemented in a future update.


Hey there!

I ran into this problem quite a bit as well as one point so I can understand how frustrating it can be. One solution is to find content on the internet and then import that into Lingq. Obviously, this won’t have a rating of how difficult it will be and there is some trial and error to this process. That said, this way you can start reading and listening to content that you find interesting.

My advice would be to try this strategy and start attempting to import content from a variety of sources. Through trial and error, you will start to find what content is digestible and what is a bit too difficult. News tends to actually be written to a lower common denominator so that may be a good starting point. Books can range in difficulty but there are definitely some more simple books out there. Also, you can try blogs and other Polish sites that may have varying ranges of difficulty depending on the audience and who wrote it. I think the key here it to experiment different content out even if it does not work out at first. Don’t get discouraged, be flexible, and keep looking. Moreover, you will be working on content that you enjoy which will help you in your motivation!

I hope that helps,