Filter by tutor language needed

It would be nice to have ability to filter conversations by needed language on conversations page.

Так они и так там только по данному языку. В верхней половине, где дискуссии, на которые уже записан, отображаются все-все-все дискуссии (очень удобно, когда несколько языков изучаешь + ещё тьюторствуешь — случаи временных коллизий сразу видны). В нижней половине отображаются все предлагаемые дискуссии только в данном языке

Это просто, нафиг, люди разобраться не могут.

Это что такое? У человека уровень знания английского Beginner II!

It seems the system should disallow to post a conversation, if user’s level in this language is No Knowledge - Beginner I - Beginner II - Intermediate I…

О да Расана, и также по-моему, знанние преподавателев должно быть, по крайней мере, на Intermediate II, и я это уже часто сказала. Я горжусь своим прогрессом по русским языком, но я не считаю себя способным учить даже начинающим студентам.

Расана, спасибо за объяснение. К сожалению линк не работает. Что не так с моим уровнем? Надеюсь вы с Хелен не считаете что я собираюсь кого то учить английскому :slight_smile: хехе…

Да не, это я про friulia, которая опубликовала английские дискуссии, когда у неё уровень владения английского всего ничего…

А в линке надо между i и a пробел убрать…

Как я и предполагала, человек просто не разобрался в системе. В общем, надо делать какую-то программную проверку. Это пока нас тут немного мы можем проконтролировать всех новоиспеченных тьюторов, а когда сообщество разрастётся?..

Not being able to follow the Russian part of this thread, all I can say is that a lot of members have requested to see all languages together in the My Conversations part of the page. The conversations list itself is sorted by language and only shows tutors for the current language.

I think that the way the conversations display is just fine. The problem seems to be that discussions are appearing offered by tutors who are not native speakers of that language. This is based on the settings of that tutor. The question is what to do.

I have had one regular student in French, for which I am not native. The learner can easily see who is native and not. However, we make some assumptions about a person’s level and then discover that their level is not all that high, maybe not any higher than our own. Some learners may still appreciate the conversation, however, the discussion report and corrections may be not so useful.

Should we limit discussions to native speakers? We have no way of controlling the level on non-native speakers who may think their level is higher than it is.

Let’s discuss little further. I do want to encourage more tutoring amongst members but do not want to disappoint members either.

On the Japanese language forum Nobuo has made the excellent point that LingQ does not appeal to beginner level learners of English, of which there are many, and not only in Japan. On the other hand we have many members at LingQ who are excellent speakers of English, although not native speakers. These members are in a great position to help newcomers of their own language group, to encourage them, and to explain the LingQ system.

Perhaps we should ask non-native speakers who host discussions to identify their discussions as being for speakers of Japanese, or Italian, or German etc. and write this in the language of the learner.

I ran into other problem. I have reached my LingQs limit. I want to delete some LingQs to get space for new. Is there a way to select several LingQs and delete all selected at once or I should delete each one by one?

Hi Andrey,

You do have to delete the LingQs one at a time. Batch deletion is only available to Basic, Plus and Premium members.