Filltering Completed Lessons

Is there a way to filter out completed lesson from my feed and from the library? It would be convenient to do this so that I can quickly find new content for extensive reading. Looking through multiple pages of lessons or scrolling down a bunch gets a bit annoying.


No, that’s not possible at the moment, sorry. You can try to change the sort by or to switch to course view to find the content you prefer easier.


I’d very much like to see this feature too.

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I also would like to see this feature. In addition, it would be nice to have a ”sort by” button in individual courses. For example, it would be useful so I can view the most recently added or in completed ones to the top. I have a private course with over 30 lessons and I am constantly adding new lessons to it, unfortunately recently added ones go straight to the bottom which is a cumbersome process always scrolling to it. At the moment scrolling 30 lessons is manageable but in the future it will be more difficult especially if there was like over 100 lessons. This is where not having a feature like this is not practical.