Filling out known words for new users

Hi there, I’ve just joined LingQ and I’m trying to get familiar with the interface. The first language I am trying on the platform is German, which I already know a reasonable number of words in. Is there any way to do some sort of test to mark a bunch of words as known relatively quickly? Or should I just go through exercises and do this?

Sorry if this has already been answered, I tried to search but couldn’t find anything.

If you are already familiar with the language, I’d suggest just starting to read and leaving the words you know as blue. There is a feature in the settings, which I believe is still on by default, which is called “paging moves to known”. This means that all blue words will be moved to “known” status when you turn the page, unless you explicitly make them lingQs.

Of course, you should still mark the unfamilar words as lingQs. As you do this, the most common words will quickly be moved to known, and the blue words will be less and less in short order.

You could also import a bunch of words in a csv file (assuming you have such a list), and manually mark them as known, but to me anyway it seems easier to just let them move to known while reading.


The Vocabulary page has an import option. If you have a list of known words, you can import it. If you do so, I encourage you to format a csv file and include a specific tag. Otherwise, you can’t easily select only your imported words via the search options.

I did a quick import of the words I had learned through Pimsleur (without a CSV with tags). The issue is now that I cannot search for only the words that I have imported. You can search on the basis of Source Text, but the Source Text for imported words is “” (which you cannot search for).

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Ok cool, thank you both!

Sounds like it’s easiest to just not worry to much for now and page through leaving familiar words blue.

If it’s feeling annoying after a few days I might see if anything else I’ve used has an easy export known words feature.


I would just page through with the turn blue words to known option on. Definitely easier. If you imported words it wouldn’t understand all the conjugations anyway so it wouldn’t be much help. You’ll forever be encountering new conjugations of words you know. It’s just not something their system deals with well.