Files not working?

Is it just me or is 03.06-03.09 all not working on other people’s computers as well? I’m using iTunes on my Mac (so I can put the files on my iPod like I usually do), but those four particular files don’t seem to be able to be added to my library for some reason, regardless of the fact that they’re .mp3’s. Anyone have any idea what’s up?

Hi Tammam, Sorry for answering so late. I checked the files. They are created in the same manner as the other ones. I’ve no idea what’s your problem causes. They were downloaded more than a 100 times and noone comlained. I’m sorry.

Hey Vera, no worries at all! I’m glad that you responded, and I totally appreciate these awesome files, which have been very helpful. Well, I tried checking them again, and I think I found the problem. It was silly and totally my fault. I think my choppy internet did not download them properly, so I went to another cyber with faster internet and downloaded the files again. Well, they worked! :slight_smile:

Again, vielen dank für alles!

Nice to hear that every thing is fine and that you like the lessons. Have fun learning German and don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions!
Ich freue mich, wenn ich helfen kann.