Fewer daily lingqs than set up - even fewer going with CLOZE option

since a while I see less than 25 daily lingqs in the daily review (today only 19).
If I choose to review them with the CLOZE option, only 8 are shown up!

Please inflate them back to the “normal” size… :stuck_out_tongue:

Take care

Hi grandemente,
I am sorry to hear that you’re having troubles with cloze test. How much LingQs do you have in your “Due for Review (SRS) list” on the Vocabulary Page?

today just 4 lingqs in CLOZE!

Any update to share with all us?

Take care

Hi grandemente,
Would you please give us permission to log into your account to check what could be wrong? If you agree please email us with your login info on support (at) lingq.com