Few new words in vocablury

Hi, I have studied French for 2 weeks and as I know some German I also started with that. It seems I was put on the same level as where I am with my French, and it seems new words are not showing up in my vocabulary. I guess I would have hit more than 100 new words in German but it only shows 33. It went to 40 and then down to 33.

Is this a bug and can someone please explain what is happening?

Your account shows that you have 341 LingQs created in German. Do you have any filtering enabled on the Vocabulary maybe? Or are you referring to Known words?

I am referring to known words actually. It should be more ot do you only get a known word when you do the tests and anser correctly?

At the moment you have 831 Known words total. Does that sound like a correct number? If you think there’s any issue please contact us on support(at)lingq.com and we will investigate further.