Feedback: User need to scroll through long "Recent Threads" before viewing the main forum threads

When user view the forum on a mobile device, he/she need to scroll through a very long “Recent Threads” section before reaching the main threads.

See LingQ Forum Feedback - YouTube for demonstration.

When I visit this page:

There are two buttons on top:

  1. Recently Active Threads
  2. All forums
    See CleanShot 2020-09-19 at 08.17.06 · CleanShot Cloud

Once I click “All forums”, I still need to scroll through the long section of “Recents Threads”, even clicking the button expresses my intends to view the main thread.

This needs a bit of improvement. An easy fix could be placed the “Recent Threads” after the main forum thread on mobile.


Can you just go to “All Forums” click on the main forum and bookmark it or “favorite it” (based on whatever your mobile browser does).

Good point. However I don’t use this site because the technology is good. I use it because it’s the best most efficient way to learn a language. Now the technology with Duolingo is waaayyy better than LingQ only I’ll never learn a language that way. But still a good point.

Even when I bookmark it, the recent threads section will still be on the top.

Even when I visit this very page on mobile, I will need to scroll through the recent threads section. This should be related to how the website is designed.

Yes it’s totally annoying. The forum platform is not well organised at all and the navigation is not well optimised. LingQ generally just needs a interface overhaul. The theory behind is good, but implementation is poor and it frustrating to constantly have to look for solutions to problems on this forum, or workarounds for issues that just shouldn’t exist.