Feedback on playlists

I just wanted to provide a bit of feedback on playlists. Earlier I could only find the option to add a lesson to a playlist on a few pages. I would have thought whenever there is an option to open or edit a lesson the option to add to a playlist should be there also. Also strangely there doesn’t seem to be an option to add to playlist from within a lesson itself. In combination with the fact I find the whole navigational structure of the site a bit confusing, it does make organising playlists tricky.

Also, I know it’s been mentioned a lot of times, but syncing playlist between the site and iLingq would be great, especially as I now have two iOS devices.

@neofight - thanks for the feedback. We realize there are some issues with the play list functionality on the site. We hope to get a chance to work on improving it soon. The idea of syncing your playlist from the site to the app and vice versa is also on our wish list.