Feedback on New LingQ Features (and a Problem)

First of all, let me just say that I am a huge fan of these additions! However, I am having a big problem with the black “Enter” box on the unscramble sentence pages, especially for longer sentences. I have a wide-screen laptop and the black “Enter” box covers the tiny phrases needed to recompose the sentence. I have to resize my window several times just to be able to see the tiny text bits. Would it be possible to just leave off the black text box (the “Submit” button at page bottom is sufficient, IMHO), or at least could the box be made a lot smaller?

And a question: do we get coins for doing these exercises? I do find these extremelyvaluable, but I’m spending a lot more time going through the lessons this way, and can no longer keep my coins up to the daily level I prefer.

At any rate, Bravo for the additions!


I’ve had the same experience.

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Thanks for reporting. We will look into it.
Regarding coins, yes - you do get coins when word status increases +1 during the review (if you guess it correctly twice in a row).

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Could you please make the text-to-speech work in the unscramble mode? Just like in the match mode. When one clicks the word, the tts pronounces it. It seems like a wasted opportunity not to listen to the pronunciation while doing unscramble.

Thanks, we’ll see what we can do.

Agree with yiotta: please remove that black button. I also do not see the need for having that.

Not the the same but I want to also share bug which I have found.

  • First

IMO being able to highlight more than one word making lingq good
product, also it is good practice. However, today I realized that
product does not show correct number of of lingq count if its
more than one word.

How to reproduce

  1. Go to main web page, select any course
  2. Remember what was the previous lingq count which is written in main page
  3. Highlight any phrase like (to sum up)
  4. Go to main page again and refresh the browser

Expected: Lingq count is not changed
Result: Lingq count is not changed

  • Second

While using Android application if the screen big application is allow us to see
lingq and new words on the right side of the screen. I find this section very
useful since it allows me to see what I don’t know.

Boring part, is it shows also learned words again and again. So that reason
I have to scroll down so many time to see what I have to learn.

If you can develop a new feature hide known words from this section that can be

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@smstlfn First one is actually expected, it’s not a bug. LingQs created counter and Known words counter includes single words only, not phrases. That’s how it always worked.
We’ll see what we can do regarding your second point, thanks for your feedback.

Thank you Zoran for interest, I am looking forward for it.