[feedback] Number of lingqs created

While reading and analyzing a lesson, I often have to switch back to the general overview in order to see the number of lingqs I have created today so far. It is a little disrupting and I often break at that point for tea or something. I noticed the number of known words is in the top bar as a key number.

Would it be feasible to have the “number of lingqs today” as a key number in the top bar too? Possibly an optional setting?

EDIT: from the comments I get that some people like these numbers on top, others don’t want to see them. The reason might be whether this number is important for your daily language learning (advanced vs beginner). The proposal to make the visibility optional could serve both groups.

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I think this would be a very good thing

I think if I had the number of lingqs for the day I would be distracted and might finish early thinking about my lingqs being finished. It might be a good option. there are times I would also not like to see the word count.

I agree. Both could be optional. Depends on the Lingq: they could decide to make both optional.
For me, both known word count and lingq counts per day, are important metrics when I am doing guided reading. I always want to see them.

I hope this either doesn’t happen or becomes an option. If you’re in the app you just slide over to your stats if you want to check them. On the web come just keep another tab open

Well, optional is good for everyone. I really don’t like unnecessary tabs open and the app is not for me. So I would like to see this number that is key to me.