Feedback about a window when creating a lingQ

I have re-studied English using LingQ site since May this year. I have often got frustrated with myself not becoming fluent in English and quit studying so far. But I have been able to continue to study thanks to LingQ. I like the number of known words increasing and the review of the words and phrases using Flashcard. But I wish I could move the window when I create a new lingQ. Because I cannot move the window and sometimes the window hides the sentences on the screen, sometimes I cannot write the sentences into the phrase box in the window as I see the sentenses. I have to memorize the sentences to write down them into phrase box. It’s difficult when the sentence is long.


there are certain inconveinences in how the system works on certain screens and certain browsers.

To copy a full sentence you may have to click on the Print view and there you can copy the sentence you want, and then paste into the LingQ box. We are aware of some of these difficulties and over time will find ways to make it easier for everyone to use the system the way they want.

I appreciate your support and patience. We are working on making things better. Give us a few months. We have many things to do.


Thank you very much for your quick comment.

I will use the print view button and copy-paste from now on.

Anyway, so far, I am enjoying to learn English using LingQ vey much.

I am looking forward to seeing LingQ site progressing.