"...fed up...." an interesting and helpful phrasal verb

“…fed up…” an interesting and helpful phrasal verb

Does the expression come from having eaten too much?

“Fed up” means that you have had enough of something or someone or are frustrated with them. An example being: “I am fed up with my math teacher. I never understand anything he says!” or a parent might say that they are fed up with their kids being disrespectful.

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Yes, it comes from the verb “feed” and means having had [implied meaning been given] too much of something. There are many more one word questions on the forum, but we never get fed up with answering them, or do we?

I like the expression “Enough is enough.”

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I think it’s a phrasal adjective.

Dooo is right in saying that “fed up” is an adjective. The past participle form of the verb “feed” is used in the phrase. I wonder whether the nuance of the passive voice is lost or not. If it is not lost, can I say that “fed” is still a verb even if the verb can also be considered an adjective in this context?