Feature/App request: Video with subtitle parsing app or self hosted lessons (anybody else interested in this but me?)

I love to learn watching movies and TV shows. Right now I have to split off the subtitle file or find it online, convert it to a normal text. Write a few lines of code to take away timecode. Copy paste it to word and then manually add an extra line between each line so it isn’t a big wall of text in lingq. Then I have to watch the video file separate.

I was hoping possibly lingq could add functionality for video files. video are large files so I know you can’t host them on the website, but if you could make special lessons that reference the video file on your system, while parsing the subtitle file you either upload or it takes directly from the video file that would be amazing. Also since subtitle files are timecode you could also make a feature where you click on an area and it goes to that area in the video file.

Anybody else would want something like this? I personally think this would be just game changing in the enjoyment of my studying. And making watching movies and and TV shows much less time consuming and more enjoyable.

Hi NoRefund17,
Thanks a lot for you suggestion! We’ll keep it in mind!

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