Feature suggestion

It would be really good to have these two features…

A) Sentence search feature.

(1) You select a word (probably a word you’re unfamiliar with)
(2) Lingq searches for example sentences that have the word you selected (1) and all the other words in the sentence are known to you.
(3) Perhaps there can then be a way to turn these into flashcards.
This would allow the user to be able to play more with the words and check out the context of words without having to worry about new words cropping up. There could be a feature that would allow you to tolerate new words too.

B) Search material feature by new words, lingqed words and known words

In the search feature it would be good to be able to search specifically for the amount of new (blue) words and/or lingqed (yellow) words as well as completely known white words

  1. The search could be by percentage or total number of words in each category
  2. If you could select the length of the document in terms of time and number of words. that would be good too.

This feature would allow the user to really scale the difficulty of the text their about to take on and also the time they want to spend.

For example sometimes I only have ten minutes to study a language I’m tired already and I don’t want a long piece with lots of new words. It would be good to see all the texts that are for example no more than 100 words long with only 2 new blue words and no more than 20 lingqed yellow words.

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