Feature suggestion: auto play sound in Sentence Mode


I’m new to Lingq, so apologies in advance if this feature already exists. But I can’t find any way to make the reader automatically read out sentences when in Sentence Mode, other than pressing the speaker button on the top for each sentence. Is there any way to auto play the sound upon moving on to a new sentence in Sentence Mode? If not, can you consider adding this feature? Thanks.

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Thanks for your feedback, we’ll see what we can do. “Auto Play TTS” settings at the moment apply for individual words only.

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I too would love to see this @zoran. When using LingQ in sentence mode, I’m primarily trying to train my listening ability - and thus always start with listening to the audio before then reading the text. Having each sentence autoplay as I swipe to it on mobile would be real convenient.

On a related note here, it’d be great if there was the option to hide the text till I choose to reveal it - in a similar way to the ‘Translate Sentence’ link - as at present I’m having to look away from the screenshot and intentinally avoid looking at it early while I first focus on the audio.

(while on the topic @zoran, it would be great if the Play buttin in Sentence Mode was larger, spaced apart from the ‘Slow Play’ button, and ideally at the bottom of the screen as opposed to the top. I don’t have particularly big hands, but it currently requires more precision than what would be ideal, and making 'em larger and further apart would also help when walking around as opposed to stationary)


I would also welcome this feature. If you want to train your ear or simply get used to audio that is difficult to understand, then sentence mode is great.

I just noticed that Zoran posted keyboard shortcuts which can make navigating this screen easier then moving your mouse from the audio button the next sentence arrow. ie. pressing ‘a’ on your keyboard for audio.

However, automatically reading out each sentence would be great.

Steve Kaufman talks about Comprehensible Input and using LingQ for huge amounts of reading. It’s the core purpose. Sentence mode + automatic audio +Automatic translation is the only way to do this. It’s utterly crazy this is three key presses an not 1. I’ve had to buy a macro keyboard and a macro mouse to make it work. I’ve read 1.6 milions words with lingQ but would have given up long ago without a way to do the three things with one key press. It’s also much harder to recommend LingQ because it’s hard to say it’s really set up for Comprehensible input with three key presses.
Adding this feature should pay for itself.
A single key (ideally not modified with alt etc.) should play whichever options of next sentence with/without automatic audio with/without Automatic translation as a user chooses.

Quite separately, tell us about the new feature I see; simplifying text with AI. I can’t start a new thread for some reason so I’m mentioning it here. What does the feature actually do? It didn’t obviously change my % of words known on my one test.