[Feature suggesion] Posibility to setup default sorting

Problem:After each lesson I have to open again previous category and set previous sorting to get lesson with less new words (the easiest one).


  1. Would by posible to add at least to general settings the default setting for sorting lessons? That would affect default sorting of lessons in Library page and also in category (see all) page which would be also default option for search filter generaly.

  2. Other option of solution could be just remembering last setting of search filter which could afect also sorting in categories of the Library page.

  3. Or adding sorting options for each category in Library page.

Thank you so much.


Thanks for your suggestion. I’ll add this to wish list and we will see what we can do in the upcoming updates.

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I’d like to second this suggestion and also note that the sort by new % is pretty faulty. It will leave out lessons with lower percentages if multiple levels are selected.

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