Feature requests: RSS feed reader and firefox extension

So I’ve just joined the site and played around with it for a bit. It seems good, I really like that lingQ can be used to track the words that I do or do not know. However, despite that, I’m not sure if I will use it or not with my language learning.

Right now, I’m learning Spanish and my level is Intermediate II or Advanced. One of my current strategies for improving my Spanish is to read various blogs in Spanish about topics that interest me. This makes it easy for me to keep reading while I learn new vocabulary. What I would love to do is to be able to read the same blogs through lingQ and then have the ability to mark words that I do or don’t know. A lot of the lessons and articles out there don’t really interest me. If I’m going to spend time reading Spanish, I’d rather read about things that I would naturally read about in English. So, I think adding an RSS feed reader functionality to lingq that integrates with lingq’s natural word-marking ability would be absolutely awesome. I imagine a lot of advanced learners would feel the same way.

The second feature I would like to request is a firefox extension that would let a user add words to their lingq list from any site across the internet. I often surf Spanish sites that aren’t blogs. These sites will often have vocabulary that I do not know. I would like to be able to quickly and easily add them to my lingq word list. I think a firefox extension could achieve this functionality, although I do understand that it would take quite some time to complete.

I do not understand much about RSS feeds and maybe Mark will comment. We are working on a way to enable LingQing on content wherever you find it on the web. This project has been delayed but is near the top of our todo list.

@Digital - I’m not sure if you realize you can import any text from the web into our system in the Import section. You can certainly do this now for your Spanish blogs. It’s an interesting idea to enable automatic importing by RSS feed but probably not something easily done because of the specific processing that must occur during the import process. We do hope to add a way to create LingQs away from LingQ as well, as Steve says. Stay tuned.

Would you be able to track how often content is taken to make sure that content providers earn points for their content?