Feature Request

I have no idea where this should go - none of the forums seem oriented toward feature requests. Anyway there are a lot of things which I think would vastly improve my LingQ experience. This is by far #1:

What I want to do: For lengthy imports, be able to start playback from a certain point in the text. So I’m reading and quite unsure about a section - it would be great to listen to it, but now I have 12 minutes of audio and I have to scrub through trying to find this particular section.

How this could be implemented: The most basic way to do this (and probably the most generically useful) is if I can add a tag to a specific point in the lesson. I could associate a text string with that tag which, if I hover the mouse over it, would pop up.

It’s kind of like a note but tied to a location rather than a word. Obviously my note in this case would be simply “2:29” which would allow me to scrub through to that in an audio player.

EDIT: I just realized I can kind of do this now. I can probably copy the lesson so I have my own copy of it, then just edit the lesson text with the annotations and tell LingQ to ignore them.

Even with this approach though, it brings up another feature request: A way to mark parts of the lesson text as annotations and have a show/hide button. This would be doubly great for being able to put the translation ‘inline’ instead of as a separate side panel.

Great idea