Feature Request: When someone edits your lesson, you should be presented with a graphical representation of the changes a la the "diff" command

LingQ developers,
First I want to thank you guys for the platform you have created! I have been enjoying it and find it to be one of the greatest resources!

As developers, I’m sure you know the importance of the command line tool “diff” and seeing changes in code for each commit in a repository.

I think this is a required feature if you are going to allow other people to edit shared lessons. As of right now, I had to copy the original text and the new text to my computer and run the diff command to see what was done. This is clunky.

There should be a tab that shows the changes in a manner that non programmers understand. See how wikipedia does change history and shows the edits:

I really hope you consider adding this critical functionality. Most users won’t know how to see changes without it being provided by the website.

Thanks again!


Thanks for your feedback and suggestion. We’ll see what we can do in the upcoming updates.