[FEATURE REQUEST] The progress bar is too sensitive on mobile

Also a factor is it’s placement at the top of the screen.

Whenever I want to use two apps in split screen: LingQ at the top and DeepL at the bottom (because the in-app Google Translate feature is basically useless), and if I want to swipe from top to bottom to activate the phone’s navigation panel, I accidentally press the progress bar in a different place than where I currently am in the text, and since the app doesn’t tell me where I last was in the text so I can quickly jump back in (In my opinion the simplest solution, like a bookmark), or doesn’t sync the audio with the text (I understand how this would be more difficult, so I don’t expect this feature), I have to waste a lot of time trying to resync audio with text, which is very frustrating.

But, of course, this all happened because the built-in translate functionality with Google Translate is useless, so here’s another vote for implementing DeepL instead :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback and suggestion. We’ll see what we can do.