Feature request - Share private lessons with some specified users

Could you please give us the option to share private lessons and courses to the people we specify? I want to share the lessons and courses I created with some buddies but don’t want to make them public.
Thank you for your help.

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At the moment, lessons can be shared with groups/classrooms only. Maybe in the future we will add an option to share them with specific users too. Thanks for your feedback and suggestion.

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So, basically, you can do what you want to do mysamsungmyjoy. You can share those lessons with your friends, but you need to think of them as students and make a classroom and playlist for them.


Hi Zoran, I asked about the best way to share lessons with a classroom some time ago. The way including creating playlists was not very comfortable. Is there any improvement of this feature at the time? The previous way the courses were shown in the classroom library was great. It only took a second to add or remove materials.

It also takes only second to add/remove content to a Playlist shared with your classroom. Basically all you need to do is to create a Playlist and share it with your Classroom. The Playlist will then appear as top shelf on their home page and they you can easily add or remove courses/lessons.

Hi! I don’t see the option to share either a course or a playlist anywhere. Is the option no longer available?

On the Edit Course page, you can select and share lessons that are available within that course.

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