Feature request: read side by side with translation?

At http://www.bauddha.net/, you read side by side with the translation. I don’t know how many people at LingQ like to read novels, but in my case, I recently got confortable enough in japanese so that I can spend all my readings in translated books. However, since google translate is sooooo off in japanese, I believe it’s an absolute necessity to have a translation. At the beginning I didn’t do that; I took Steve general advice not to care too much If I didn’t understood absolutely everything I read. However, it’s probably a matter of preference, but I ended up enjoying a lot more(and learning a lot more) when having the translation at my side. The thing is, the last 6 months, I remember having tons of phrases I just could’nt get even a vague meaning from. Now that I read the translation, I waste less time.

Now, I understand that LingQ has a specific layout and bringing in another panel could be problematic. I’m not sure at 100% how this could be done, but personnally, I’d be pleased with a simple textarea on the left that I can scroll at leisure.

Anyway, that is just a wish :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion! We do have plans to integrate translations better into the site, though this will be something that will come as a bundle with some other features as it would likely require a new mode to display clearly. However, it is something on our list and we’re definitely looking at getting to this one in the new year :slight_smile: