Feature Request: Mass Tag

Dear LingQ,

When I review vocab for a certain lesson I tend to export it for study elsewhere (offline, via Anki typically). I’d like to tag words I’ve exported to keep my words organized. It seems that the mass actions available do not include adding tags. Would this be possible to implement? I could then export vocab and tag them all “exported” or something like that.

Also, mass tagging would be useful for organizing large groups of words without painfully going through one by one and updating each card.



I asked recently about whether or not this was possible because I also like to export vocabulary to Anki and would like to keep track of what I had exported. I was told that this is something they plan to add when they update the tag system. However, I don’t think this is such a high priority for them, so don’t hold your breath.

I’d like to have this feature too. I review my vocabulary and tag words/phrases every once in a while, and this feature will be a time-saver for me.