[Feature Request] Make it More Difficult with AI

I have never used the “Simplify Lesson with AI” feature, which I think is a nice add to the tools we have.

I was just wondering if it is possible to give also the opposite tool? Which means something like “Make it more Difficult with AI” or “Increase Difficulty with AI”.

This would be great for more intermediate-advanced users, that can take advantage from the same material they have, and build more vocabulary.

Just an idea.


I’d even suggest to make something like a customizable panel where you can create a button and assign a prompt to it.
[Dumb down], [Smart up], [Dialogue], [Hunter Thompson], [my_prompt], [+]


Where is that “simplify lesson with AI tool”???

On the drop down menu with the settings, show translation etc.

Seems like David is going to cancel his premium subscription on CHATGPT very soon :slight_smile:

Source : My detective mind

Jokes aside, nice idea. :grinning:

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That’s not in plans at the moment, but maybe in the near future. Thanks for your feedback!

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