Feature Request: European Portuguese News Feed to Import

Hi, I am learning European Portuguese. I see that there is a setup to easily import articles from several Brazilian media sites. This is great and I do use this service.

It is possible to add a similar service for several media sources from Portugal?


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The underwhelming response is telling
 That being said, this seems like a reasonable request, so would appreciate any official response. Especially since I haven’t seen any official place to submit proposed enhancements
 And it is a fee-based service, I am not using if for free. John

I’m also learning European Portuguese and would be grateful for this and any other features to help us.

I’m a new member to LingQ, but I believe you should have the ability import things into LingQ from other Portuguese news websites of your choosing. I personally uploaded a book into LingQ when I just started using it, and I’ve used the import feature to read other things as well.

I also would like to see this, as I am not a fan of spoken Brazilian Portuguese at all and only want to listen to European Portuguese.

Sorry for the slow response! I have added a couple news sources from Portugal now. They don’t always work properly but if they do, articles should start appearing in the next day or so. Keep in mind that news articles imported from the Feed don’t have audio so this won’t be a source of European Portuguese audio. For that, try searching the Library for European or Portugal. It’s also a good suggestion to look up popular Portuguese news sites and import from them using the browser extension.

Great, thanks! I am glad LIngQ was able to do that. I will look for the new sources as they are available.

I sometimes prepare my own sources and use a Text to Speech utility to add spoken Portuguese, but that takes a little longer.

Thanks for this information. Using the iOS LingQ app I am not seeing any sources under the ‘News to Import’ other than the two Brazilian sources. If there is something I am missing please let me know.

Yes, I’m afraid neither of those sources seems to be working with our tool. We will see if we can find other sources that work. Do you have any suggestions we could try? We tried PĂșblico and DiĂĄrio de NotĂ­cias.

Here are some I read from time to time





Noticias Magazine

Another one:

Jornal de NotĂ­cias

Looks like Observador is working!

Yes, just finished a fascinating article on Portuguese soccer team salaries!


And I see that ‘Diario de Notícias’ is available as well.


Yes, we made a change to that functionality so more sources are working now. Enjoy!