Feature Request: audio looping in "one sentence at a time mode"

Today I was using the webapp version of Lingq, and I was reviewing a lesson using the “one sentence at a time mode”, as the lesson has many words I don’t know and I wanted to break it down into chunks (Love this mode btw!).

I found myself hitting the play button over and over again and wishing that there was a “loop” button I could click to make the sentence auto-replay over and over. Can you add a loop button to this mode? Or alternatively have the loop button that is already there for the “play audio for the whole lesson” apply to the play button for “one sentence at a time mode”?


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I"m glad you’re enjoying Sentence Mode! Yes, that is in our wishlist so hopefully we can add it before too long.

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While we’re on this sort of question, I quite often type in a definition for a new lingq, while in sentence mode, and hitting the ‘a’ key activates play mode on the sentence, which can be a bit annoying if done accidentally. If there were a way to switch that off, that would be great (though, of course, not a big deal).

Mark. Is there any room in your Wishlist for what not be a minor addition, namely active hyperlinks: when I look at a definition and see other occurrences of the word or phrase I would love to (and often really need to) click on a link that takes me to the text from whence this other occurrence of the word comes. In other words, Lingq would be great if it had truly active links, like in a wiki.

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Yes, that is also in our wishlist as we did offer this functionality in the past! At least for the examples from our library.

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Keyboard shortcuts should be deactivated when your cursor is active in the definition field. Are saying this happens as you are typing in a definition? If so, which browser are you using?

Thanks Mark! Obviously a lower-priority quality-of-life feature, but I do think it would help me out a lot.

Firefox. I’ll try it in Safari when I get home, and see if the same thing happens there.

Hmm… Even in Firefox I can’t make this happen. If my cursor is in the definition field, typing a doesn’t start the sentence audio. Are you on Mac or Windows?

I want to add something .

  1. A botton for slowly Audio Sentence
  2. A quicly button to change between Original Text and/orTranslate Sentence
  3. Highlighted text in Translate Sentence

Would it be possible that the site remembers where you last stopped listening to the audio? It really is a problem to find the right spot again and it works for the text.

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Your location is currently remembered on the mobile app, at least on the iOS app. We can look into trying to do that on the web as well. Sentence mode will also improve and make it easier and better to find your place. We will do what we can here. Stay tuned.

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We have some improvements coming for playing the audio so we will see what we can do for the speed. We are also figuring out the best way to enable easy and smooth toggling back and forth between the sentence and full page. Basically, we will let you drill down to the sentence from the page and then come back more easily or obviously than you can at the moment. I don’t know what you mean exactly by highlighting text in the translation but we aren’t planning to do anything there.

I think it is very important to be able to switch between Translated and Original Text. I want to have 3 possibilities: 1. Original text and Translation switch (as it is now), 2. You can see both (as it is now), 3. You can just see the translated text.
For the current situation, when you see both, it is useful the text highlighted in the translation, so you can look only at it, not the original text. If you can implement point 3, there is no need for highlighted text.
Basically, for me it is very useful, first to see the translation of the text, to write it on paper (or on the screen, if it is possible and then the program to compare with the original text !!), to listen in the learning language, and then to check with the original text in the learning language. I hope I made myself clear. Thank you very much !

Thanks for the clarification. I don’t see anything there that would make sense for us right now. But, we will continue to think about ways to enable more of the type of thing you are trying to do.

thomashjelm , You can make the sentence auto-replay over and over. You only have to push on button ‘‘a’’ quickly, of1, 2, 3,… times

More tools, more many satisfied ! The best !

That sounds good. I really don’t like reading/ listening to books for that reason.

Hi Mark, I have foud the solution of my issue. I said you that I like to study in Sentence mode, with Translale Sentence . I use a piese of paper to hide the left quarter of the screen ( with original text). First, push key F11 to see all the screen. I push the Key Shit+T to see Translate Sentence. I select the first word from Translate Sentence, and then I push Key Ctrl+Shift+Down Arrow ( I make so the whole Translate sentence with Highlighted Text). I translate the Translate Sentence, in mind, in original text and I write it on the paper. I push the Key A, to hear the Original Sentence. I check with what I wrote on the paper. Then I push Key F11, to make the screen small and to see the original text. As so, I compare the two sentence, the original one with the writen text on the paper. Then I go to next sentence with the Key Shft+Left Arrow (The Highlighted Text will remain. This is more useful to make difference from the two sentences ). For me is the best method to try to use all the words which I already know , before to see the original text. I write all of these, maybe other LingQ people like this idea and give me other sugestions.
PS. If somebody want to listen the original sentence many times, they only have to push the Key A , quickly more times ( 1,2, …).

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Thanks for the tip on the “a” hotkey to replay the audio!

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