Feature Request: Audio flashcards

Currently, it’s possible to show terms, phrases and hints on either side of a flash card. I can also listen to the word, by clicking on the speaker button, but it would be nice if there was an option to automatically play audio on either side of the card. This would allow interesting possibilities for testing listening or confirming that my pronunciation is correct after viewing the front side of a card. Thoughts?


This is something I would definitely use, so that’s a vote from me! :slight_smile:

@gerdemb - Right now text-to-speech is available on the front of the card so I guess you are asking for it to be added to the back of the card. We may do that at some point but it is not anything that will happen soon. Have you tried the dictation activity for testing your listening comprehension?

@mark Sort of. I’m actually asking for the option to have the text-to-speech to be played automatically (without clicking) when either the front or the back of the card is displayed.

@gerdemb - What you can do is actually press the “Tab” key and this will play the text-to-speech. We will look at adding this to the keyboard shortcuts list for flashcards.