Feature Request -- A Lingq version of Readlang

In Lingq, the only way to get language translation support from texts or articles on the web is to import it. Often this means loss of formatting and context for the user. Possibly for Lingq it means adding more text to their storage.

It would be nice if Lingq would create a new Chrome extension which uses uses the Lingq translation API to translate the target language. Readlang did this several years ago. The difference here would be that the user would have to have a Lingq account and could optionally add words and phrases to their Lingq word lists. But the main thing would be the ability to get translations of words and phrases without resorting to a full import.


Some users made such a browser plugin years ago (maybe around 2013 or 2014) but it was done I think as a personal project not by the LingQ devs and it was not fully supported so it didn’t work fully and was not maintained so it is certainly not working or available anymore. I agree this would be fantastic. I hope it is something they are looking into.


We actually used to have that, “LingQ Bookmarklet”, a few years ago. But since we introduced extensions, the Bookmarklet retired. Not sure if it’s ever coming back, but maybe!

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I recently discovered that Reverso Context offers a Windows desktop app that more or less does this. With the app installed, you can highlight text on any app or website, then press CTRL+C+C and it’ll open the translation with Reverso.