Feasibility of 'earning' points

At the moment, I am spending points far faster than I am earning them back. In theory, one can ‘finance’ one’s study by trading points back and forth, but, I think there is not as much ‘commerce’ as would be required for that. I guess the idea is that one must make lessons, after which one will be noticed by those who want instruction. But I think I am understanding correctly: there are not many requests for, say, writing correction? So if I spend thousands of points on that, I am unlikely to get them back. Is that about right?

We would like to encourage more interaction. I am doing a lot of talking with tutors in Russian. Any ideas on how we can encourage more activity in this area is most welcome.

One way to ensure that you maintain a balance between points and points earned would be to connect with a language buddy. Find someone who is learning your language and who is a native speaker of the language you want to learn. Then you can take turns talking to each other or correcting each others writing. Of course, this barter approach, or buddy approach does limit you. That is why the exchange, or signing up for discussions is probably a more practical approach. Personally, I am quite busy, and would rather just pay for my discussions with my tutors. And then we have the problem of certain languages being in less demand than others.

At any rate we would love to encourage people to sign up for more discussions with tutors. Very often it is a chicken and egg situation. Tutors offer discussion times, few people sign up, then the tutors stop offering discussion times, and then even fewer people sign up.

Yes I see. Good points.

It might also help if I create some lessons. Perhaps one gets some attention that way.

One thing that is very good about the system though: it is as reliable as buying food. Barring a local or regional emergency, I know that the food store will have bread, butter, sausage, and other things that tend to make one fat. But also vegetables. Even in winter! Here, if I post a writing correction, within an hour or two, bam, it’s done.