Favourite word of the week (or ever)

A Russian word has made it to the top of my weekly (usually mental) list of favourite words! I proudly present my “Достопримечательность”. I like the look of it and I am proud that I finally learnt how to spell it.

Spanish came a close second with “progenero”. Did you know that town criers used to be accompanied by musicians?

My favourite Swedish word of the last couple of years is still “främling”. It has such a friendly sound.

For French there is a pinch of utility in my choice: “bien equilibrer ses repas” - a wise decision.

I remember a LingQ member from the States who loved the German “Staubsauger”, ie hoover (dust sucker). Am I the only one with a fluctuating list of favourites?

“Достопримечательность” seems a tad intimidating!

In French, I’m rather smitten with époustouflant. Unfortunately, I don’t seem to get much chance to use it.

"The new diagnostic threshold of hemoglobin A(1c) was made based on evidence from cross-sectional studies, and no longitudinal study supports its validity. "

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“He left an enigmatic message on my answering machine.”

“What was for me the truly satisfying corollary to this episode came two or three days later, . . .”

Wharf or Pier
“Canary Wharf is a major business district located in Tower Hamlets, London.”
“In its original form in 1823 Brighton’s first pier was the Old Chain Pier which was primarily used as a landing stage for passenger ships that sailed from Dieppe in France.”

“The word facetiously is the only word that has ALL the vowels IN ORDER if you include y.”

My favorite German word is Bürgermeister.

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Mais c’est un mot épatant: il faut l’utiliser !

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I’m afraid my boredom threshold is very low these days, you lost me … :slight_smile:

Hovaardig (dutch):

  1. Aanmatigend 2) Arrogant 3) Fier 4) Glorieus 5) Grootsig 6) Hautain 7) Hooghartig 8) Hoogmoedig 9) Ingebeeld 10) Neerbuigend 11) Praalzuchtig 12) Prat 13) Roemrijk 14) Trots 15) Trots bedreven in het stoppen (crypt.) 16) Verwaand 17) Zelfgenoegzaam 18) Zelfingenomen.

(All of it’s possible meanings according to the dictionary)

My personal favorite of the week since I read it in a book yesterday.

I love the word Достопримечательность because it is so long but not constructed from other words like Металлоконструкция or Скоросшиватель or hundreds of other long but easily divided into shorter segments words.

Here is my current French favourite : à califourchon:

I was once photographed à califourchon and it was a picture I treasured for years. Chairs are such good props.