Favourite Phrases

I’m on my third month and still loving Lingq.

But I wonder if there is any way to create “favourite phrase listings”

The reason I ask is that I came across a 3 word phrase yesterday in French; I had to Lingq it for learning, as per usual.

But I did think it was such a good phrase I really needed to ensure I have it in my active memory, rather than just passive.

To have a listing of such handy phrases, for regular purposeful review and learning would be great, but there seems to be no easy way to mark such or create such listings other than keeping them in yellow with a 1000 other words/phrases?

Unless of course I’m missing something :slight_smile:

Any tips are most welcome…

Best wishes


I’m not a big fan of tags or of lingqing phrases, but you can tag the phrase as ‘favourite’ (or whatever you like) and then on the vocab page you can select ‘favourite’ and see a list of only those.


It would have taken me months to work that out kcb.


Many thanks for giving your time.