Favorite words? Priority words

Sometimes I see a word that I’d really like to remember. Usually it’s a funny word, but I still want to remember it. In fact, I’d rather focus on learning words like those over anything else. It would be pretty simple to add a system like this, it’s just a separate vocab deck, and a little button that you can click once you open a word.

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Would the tag feature work well for that? I don’t use it myself, so I don’t know if there are pitfalls to be aware of, but it sounds applicable.

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You’re right it probably would, but then I wouldn’t have a favorite button

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I’m thinking like a special color code… maybe red… for like the 100 most common verbs and nouns. I think that would be super helpful when you’re starting out learning a language. It would help you narrow down on the words you need to learn right at first

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If there is a word that I like, I usually remember it after the first time. Often why I like them is that they are so distinctive which makes them easy to remember. Problem is words that are too similar to distinguish from others that makes them are hard to get grip of. Especially when they all are new at that time. Then it doesn’t help as much even if you like them. Remember when in Spanish hueso, hueco and huella came the first time around the same time I had just learned huevo. I did learn the meanings fast, but it took time to pinpoint meanings to right words. Maybe it would be useful to have different colour outlines to distinguish words? You could use them for whatever purpose you find useful.

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I like this idea. Maybe color codes for tags in general?

I kind of do this by making use of the status, but I use it in a different way than I expect is intended. For general lingQs, I only use status 1 or 2.

For me:
Status 1 = new and not a word that I could intuit the meaning for because it is cognate or something like that.

Status 2 = I use for words I recognize (and sometimes understand), but I would like to keep highlighted to reinforce them.

If I feel like I know the word, I move them directly from 2 to 5. I find, for me, that I can learn and actively recall many words without active recall training.

This leaves me status 3 and 4 to use for LingQs I want train for active recall. I assign words I want to/need to/struggle to memorize, phrases that I want to use to drive home a grammar point, common collocations, etc. I only use the built in LingQ Flash card app filtered to status 3 and 4. With level three I work from the most recent sorted by creation date. For level 4 I also sort by creation date, but start from the oldest ones to use it as a rudimentary SRS. This usually is enough for me to drive it home and keeps the flash card list manageable. Sometimes for a given word I want to learn, I won’t assign it to 3, but I’ll assign phrases it is contained in to 3, so I’ll train active recall for the word in context and only later assign the word itself to 3 or straight to 5.

Hopefully that makes sense.

I don’t use all the different levels either. I could do away with level 4 for sure. I think though that a color code would be the best option. If you would be reading along and see a red word for example, you would know instantly that that word is very important and that you should sit up and pay attention. Who do you send ideas like this to?