Favorite podcasts

Please only mention ones that you actually listen to regularly. I’m mainly looking for Portuguese suggestions but even if its not usefull to me it might be for someone else.


Portuguese: cuentas do brasil

spanish : mesa de los idiotas

english: ari shaffir skeptic tank, tim ferriss show, garyvee, JRE

For European Portuguese, I love Portugueses no Mundo, which is a daily radio segment that’s also available in podcast form. Each episode lasts for about 15-35 minutes and features an interview with a Portuguese person living in another country talking about their experiences there. I’m a frequent traveller so I find the content interesting as the interviewees will discuss cultural/social aspects of their adopted country. The other great thing about it is that while it’s aimed at Portuguese people who want to hear about other places, it’s also a fascinating insight into the Portuguese culture for non-Portuguese people, because we can see how Portuguese people view the outside world, the things they miss about Portugal, etc.

More information: Portugueses no Mundo - Informação - Notícias - RTP