Favorite Language

Does anyone here have a favorite language? It could be for any reason. If so, please post what it is.

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English. It is one of the most versatile, has the most resources around by a long shot and it sounds fairly neutral compared to masculine languages like German or feminine languages like Swedish.

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Your opinion of a masculine versus feminine language certainly doesn’t fit mine. I would categorise the two languages according to their sounds but German as a masculine language and Swedish as a feminine language - never!!!

Polish, because I use it so much in my day to day life, that it is becoming more and more important to me.

I am curious to know if you have a favorite language yourself? :slight_smile: @Demolitionator

Norwegian. I love the rhythm of it. Sadly the total lack of resources with transcript is a bit of a downer and means i can’t learn it yet.

Except for that, i like the way you express ideas in French.

My favourite language is Italian. I love so much the sound of it.

Mine too!

If you like Norwegian and French, chances are English is a good language for you.

I have to admit that I am torn between Chinese and French, the ones I am learning. I have studied a tiny bit of Korean, and it is probably my favorite. Thanks for asking!

English is pretty legit except for the grammar; It’s very annoying!

BTW I love your name! It is a coincidence because I just told my dad about that joke the first time last night!!

Yes, definitely. By the way, you should watch the comedian Brian Regan’s skit about his friend trying to speak Italian. Very funny.

What joke?

And English is my first language.

Sorry, I meant to say the pun in your username. You are not a joke, sorry if it came across in a rude way. English is my first language too. I say that English is a good fit for you because Norwegian is a Germanic language and French is a Romance language. The majority of English is derived from either Germanic or Romance languages.

What pun? Why is my name a pun?

You know what it is

My name is Andrew Peacock and suddenly it’s a ‘pun’? You’re pretty rude aren’t you.

Cantonese is my favorite language to listen to.

I really want to learn cantonese. It seems more fun and interesting than Mandarin: The problem is that it isn’t very practical. Unless you are specifically in Hong Kong you are much better served to learn mandarin. But I would love to see cantonese on lingq at some point!

I would love to hear what english sounds like from a non native english speaker point of view. In germany, they loved hearing my accent because “it was so flowy”. whatever that means.