Faux bloviator ?!

I’ve just come across this expression: “faux bloviator”. Can anyone explain to me what does it mean? I cannot find a sufficient translation in my language… :slight_smile:

ha… a bloviator is someone who talks and thinks he’s really smart mostly in the context of politics but really just sounds pompous. I think I’ve heard faux bloviator to describe some of the satire news we have in the US like John Stewart, Stephen Coulbert, and maybe even the Onion. Faux of course, a loan word from French meaning ‘fake’ or ‘not real’. Those guys also call themselves the ‘fake news’.

In any case only sarcastic news junkies like myself would even sort of know what that might mean. It probably doesn’t need to be on your most important words to know list. Bloviator alone is often used by a conservative radio/tv host (he’d say he was a ‘traditionalist’) named Bill O’Rielly.

Well… just like I thought… :wink: THANKS!!!

Here’s the Urban Dictionary definition. Urban Dictionary by the way a great resource for ultra colloquial english and english that we don’t use here on lingq but often heard when someone’s sport’s team loses a big match, also important words to know :)…

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  1. A public figure, such as a politician or an actor, who makes outlandish, strident statements on issues, thinking that the average man will care about their opinions.

  2. Someone who pontificates about issues of which they are uninformed, yet pretend to be expert.

  3. Pompous blowhard, using their celebrity to speak about topics on which they are totally unqualified.
    That bloviator Alec Baldwin said he was going to move to France. Why is he still in Hollywood?