Fault with importing lessons


I have just gone to import a lesson. I am unable to add an audio file or an image. When I click ‘select file from computer’ nothing happens. I am unable to search my computer to upload these files.

Sorry to hear that. Seems fine on my end. What browser are you using?

Hi, I am using Chrome.

We’ll check if we can reproduce the issue.

I have been reporting this issue for two months and it still hasn’t been resolved.

I wonder if it’s an issue on my end then.

Nothing happens when I click ‘Select File’ but I can still import audio by dragging and dropping the file into the box.

Thanks for looking into it.

We tested on several devices but we can’t find any issues related to this. Everything seems fine on our end. I assume the issue is something on your end. Can you try on different browser and let me know if that helps?