Fastest way to sync audio and sentences?

Before using lingq I always used condensed audio from TV shows, an mp3 file containing only the spoken parts of a movie/series.
I imported a netflix series from which I had the condensed audio. I have uploaded the mp3 file containing the dialogues but synchronizing all the sentences one by one is a pain, the sentence editor is very slow and you have to go sentence by sentence.

Is there an alternative way more similar to e.g. what is done in musixmatch (a karaoke app)? In musixmatch you first enter the lyrics of the song, and once you have entered the text, you can listen to the entire song (in a row, without interruptions) and by clicking (on the keyboard) every time the sentence of the song changes (matching the lyrics and the music) . If one of the sentences is not well synchronized, you can fix it by modifying that particular one but it’s a very smooth system.

Is there something similar in lingq or is it planned to be added soon?

I think it could be very useful.

Have you tried to generate timestamps on the edit lesson page? Instead of manually adding them for each sentence, you can generate them for the complete lesson. That should work fine and match the sentence with audio.

Thank you Zoran. I tried it but it messed up everything, no one sentence is well syncrhonized now. Is it a mistake or is it because the text is in Japanese?

Please, consider my idea of using a musixmatch type synchronization in the future, the current system for long texts is not useful.

Thanks. Yes, unfortunately auto audio timestamping doesn’t always work perfectly for Japanese. We hope to find a way to improve that in the near future.