FarsiLingQ Classic View Problems


When looking at Farsi lessons in classic view there is a translation which appears beneath each line of text, often in multiple languages. Have I accidentally activated something or is this an error? I have noticed this before, but it has usually disappeared on its own.

I’ve also noticed that some of the lessons contain, as part of the lingqable text, a title in English, which is something that I have not noticed before and seems to be an error of some kind.

Can you please post a link to one of lessons you noticed the issue with? Thanks!

Strange, we will check that. Can you please let me know what is the reason you are still using the Classic View?


I prefer Classic View as I like being able to see the entire lesson on one page rather than in sections and I find it too easy to accidentally make unknown words known in the new version (for example, by pressing “complete lesson” or by moving from one section of text to the other), which I find frustrating.

Hi Boris,
After discussing this further with our team, I have to apologize and inform you that the Classic view will no longer be supported and will soon be phased out, after the launch of LingQ 5.0 version.
That means that no updates will be made to the Classic mode at the moment. Sorry!