Farsi questions/problems

I know Farsi is just getting started here, but I’ve noticed that on the website version, the text is reading from Left to Right, I think it should be the other way around. I thought things looked fine on the mobile version last night, however: are there different settings for mobile and website versions?

Also, will text to speech be working for Persian/Farsi? For the moment, I’m not hearing anything.

Finally, I noticed that 123Farsi had been added as a dictionary choice, will other dictionaries be added as well?

Thanks Zoran and company!

Hi gregf,

  1. Farsi lessons should be right-to-left now, that problem is solved.

  2. I’ll report the TTS problem and we will see if we can make it work properly, thanks for letting me know about this.

  3. Yes, I am going to upload more dictionaries for Farsi during day. Thanks a lot for your dictionary suggestions on other thread, I appreciate that!

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Just an update here, unfortunately Google for now doesn’t support TTS for Persian/Farsi and that is the reason why it doesn’t work at LingQ too. Hopefully it will be available on Google in the near future.

به به, فارسی هم که اومد
نظرتون چیه؟
به اون جذابی ای که گفتم بود یا نه؟