Farsi dictionaries and resources

Given that Farsi is (almost) here, I thought I’d create a thread for collecting dictionaries and resources. Please feel free to post content that you know of here.

Online dictionaries:


Farsi Dict:

Dictionary Farsi:
(replace WORD in url above)

Langenscheidt German<>Persisch

Farsi Wictionary:

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Don’t know if you have noticed but it is already added.

Yes, I noticed! It’s just that there are no dictionaries other than google translate here, and the only resources available are the mini-stories. I’m trying to prime the pump so to speak. :slight_smile:

I’ve posted this one before, but this is a great site for Persian audio and text. I’ve been in contact with them in the past about the opportunity of sharing their materials on LingQ, I’ll get in touch with them again soon. For the time being, I’m using it to learn the alphabet.

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All dictionary resources you suggested (as well as few more) are now added. Thanks a lot!

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