Fantastic French podcast course "Serge et Marguerite"

I would like to share my enthusiasm and admiration for the quality and effort involved with the French podcast series, “Serge et Marguerite” Login - LingQ It is fantastic for giving the impression of having, as Steve mentions as a guest podcaster, a sense of being a fly on the wall during a natural French exchange. There is the added interest of two different cultures, Quebecois and and French, being united in a (mostly) common language. I listened to all 42 podcasts over the course of about 4 days last week. I developed such a connection that I can still hear their voices reverberating in my head with great pleasure. I think this is the essence of massive input’s power to activate language. Thanks to Serge and Marguerite for this series, and to LingQ for hosting it.


I just listened to the first few minutes of the first podcast. They talk a little slowly imo, but it appears to be a great lower intermediate podcast.

I have recently tested at advanced level for French comprehension but I still felt like I learned quite a lot from this podcast… less than 1% of the words were new but I still learned many natural expressions. I might be biased as a Canadian since I have Quebec as part of my national history…

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I also enjoy the podcast. I am at an intermediate level, and just listening to conversation is different from listening to a text being read. They are wonderful.

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The video linked below gives an excellent and detailed comparison of Quebecois vs French dialect that Marguerite often refers to.

I have just stumbled across these.

They are fantasic, in particular listening to normal conversations. Thanks.

Is there anything else similar in the library ? Or is there a series 2? I never have much luck with the search function …

I can only seem to find two episodes (#32 and #36) but the OP said there were 42. Can everyone else access the other 40 episodes?

I had been listening to them and reached episode 18, then I found I could not access the episodes anymore. I don’t know what happened.

Thank you so much for the exhilarating comments about this collection!