Fancy a mixed conversation?

or, in German: Lust auf Ger-lish? This is just a thought aimed especially at those who, like me, at first are terrified of speaking.

Would you want to join a group conversation where we would speak English and/or German?

I believe a session like that could even work if you were a native French or Spanish speaker and wanted to join German or English learners.

Please let me know what you think and, depending on the general consensus, I might put up a few of those ‘MIXED’ slots.

I’d be up for a mixed conversation, depending on the time of day.

Comfort levels [English - least uncomfortable, French - second least uncomfortable, Spanish - second most uncomfortable, German - most uncomfortable] :slight_smile:

I’d be up for anything Sanne proposed :slight_smile:

I’m in too!

spanish–> english → french

especially @ Berta: thank you for that vote of confidence… I am in Bavaria at the moment, need to buy a headset for this notebook and, my granddaughter willing, I’ll see what we can do. Would Serge be available to have his arm twisted (in view of his status as an ex-German learner)?

@ Peter & Berta: would an afternoon slot (German/Spanish time) suit you? I’d be happy to write the reports for German and English, if we also do Spanish and/or French one of the other participants could write a report. I don’t know whether this technically feasible and how we could share the points equitably.

@ Mark Is there a way of crediting two or more tutors for ONE group conversation?

There is no way of sharing tutoring points. All conversation point awards are automated. The only way would be to sign up for each others conversations during that time period.

Thank you, that’s good to know. We’ll ponder it for a bit.

it would suit me! I could do the spanish report, no need to get any points for myself, we can figure out something later after the experiment.

I would find such a multilingual conversation very interesting! But who is going to speak Italian? :wink:

I’m definitely in if the time suits - varying levels of French, German, English, Russian (+ very passive Spanish).

I have to say this does sound like an excellent idea Sanne :slight_smile: