Facebook Poll Change

It appears that Hindi has been removed from the Facebook Poll. Was that intentional? If so, why?

A comment was added to the poll (albeit their platform is pretty bad at displaying recent comments first):

“Sorry for all those who were rooting for Hindi, but because of some compatibility issues we won’t be adding Hindi as a beta language for now. We also removed it from the list of poll options so it isn’t confusing to others. Again, sorry about this!”

It seems that only friends’ comments are displayed in the correct order (more recent first).
I hope you will manage to satisfy the Hindi keeners, but I’m glad I could add a new language (and I could add a few more if only…). :wink:

Ah, I noticed that and wondered what happened. I was wondering what was going to happen after I read recently that Devanagari isn’t supported. I hope that there will be an effort to support more scripts though. This language certainly needs to be on the site. Definitely a must have.

How discouraging…

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That’s disappointing. I would love to be able to study Hindi on the site.

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As disappointing as it may be, we would all be far more disappointed if it were to be rushed onto the site and didn’t work correctly. I support such a move; it’s certainly a smart one.

(Of course, I’d love to see more work being done on fixing bugs with the main site, and less time spent on the mobile phone apps - but you know I’m biased there. hehe)

I agree with Imyirtseshem. I would love to see fixing bugs higher in the priority list. Especially for new users it would look like that there is no quality at all on LingQ.

We should not forget that now a lot of the reported bugs are solved much quicker than one or two years ago.

It is a difficult task to make new languages with different writing systems working properly. And I’m wondering if there are users on LingQ who are willing to create lessons for Hindi.

Vera, that’s what I have always wondered, too. From what I saw some weeks ago, there are very few Indian members and they are quite inactive. It would be good if you guys found the way to promote LingQ in India, in order to get more paying and active members from there.

I also agree about the improved efficiency in dealing with bugs and other issues.

Well, you never know who will create lessons until the language is added to the site. Whatever the number, it is assured to be more than the number of creators for Latvian or Albanian content. Of course, that is not the purpose of the poll (recruiting content providers).

I wonder, since Hindi did have a large amount of votes before it was removed from the poll, if it will be a priority to fix the issues. I am just wondering, I know that those at LingQ have a lot of things planned.

I doubt that we will spend any time on making Hindi compatible with LingQ in the near future. The Beta languages are essentially intended to be unsupported, although we do provide minor support such as adding dictionaries. It is unfortunate that Hindi won’t work, but we did not really look into it until it was clear that Hindi won on our poll. The same will happen with any other language in a similar situation.

The poll issue has been discussed ad infinitum. It is, in our view, an efficient way to determine the next language at LingQ , and at the same time it helps somewhat to spread the word. I think the results accurately reflect the popularity of these languages, none of which will attract a large number of users. However, people who are learning Esperanto, Latin, Czech (me), Dutch, Arabic and Polish are happy. We will just continue the same way as before.

The iPad and Android versions are in response to member demand, but are contracted out and do not require much help from our own LingQ programmers. Nevertheless there are always issues.

Our own programmers spend most of their time on improving the user experience at the main site. This means bringing in improvements and fixing bugs.

We are trying to be efficient. There is a lot to do. We cannot please everyone all the time, nor can the site be all things to all people. Your patience is appreciated.

My main interest is in the increasing of functionality across all languages, like improved tagging (see Tagging Lingqs - Language Forum @ LingQ). I expect in time LingQ will be able to support any language, I don’t see that we need to rush.

AS per Google Transliteration,Gujanagari (Gujarati) seems to be India’s simplest nukta and Shirorekha (lines above letters) free script along with Roman script resembling India’s old Brahmi Script.Both Hindi and Sanskrit can be easily written in this script. So Why not let learners learn Indian Languages in Roman script?

One can learn Gujarati / Hindi here in Roman script.

what is your name?..वॉट ईझ यॉर नेम?..વૉટ ઈઝ યોર નેમ ?
…तुम्हारा नाम क्या है?..તમારું નામ શું છે?
…Tumhārā nāma kyā hai ?..Tamāruṁ nāma śuṁ chē?

… Pitā…Pitā

Standard IAST scheme for all Languages.
a(schwa),aa, i, ii, u uu e’ e ai o’ o au , am, an ah
away, bar, in,been,put, pool,bat, bed bail,/law,off,source/ open,ounce,umber,under,aha